Eco Friendly Food Packaging...
Our antenae are up. Our newspapers and magazines feature daily articles on Global Warming. We are actually experiencing climate change first hand. While the contribution of packaging is one of the major contributors to sustainability of the food chain, packaging is in the middle of the controversy. The goal is source reduction. And that is what GO-GREEN Packaging solutions are all about. Our goal is to help you get your products from your manufacturing facility to the consumer's table safely and to provide uncompromising quality, We strive to design correct portion control to minimize waste and to use exciting materials and innovative solutions to make your products jump off the shelf!

GO-GREEN Technology 30% Energy Savings

GO-GREEN rigid polypropylene trays are manufactured using a new an innovative proprietary thermoforming process based on "green" principles. The innovative process utilize 30% less energy and less materials which has been audited by the utility Alliant Energy of Wisconsin.



Reduce Carbon Emissions

GO-GREEN - 21% Less CO2 emissions compared to conventional thermoforming*
Which is equivalent to
  • 4.7 tanker trucks worth of gasoline
  • Electricity use of 46 homes for one year
  • 14,580 Propane cylinders used for home barbeques

Reduce Over- Packaging...

GO-GREEN Printed - Eliminate the box and eliminate 8,920 metric tons of CO2 emissions*
Which is equivalent to CO2 emissions:
  • 1,000,000 gallons of gasoline
  • 20,740 barrels of oil
  • 371,000 propane cylinders used for gas barbeques

Reduce Over Packaging with Printed Lidding films and Printed Trays ..

GO-GREEN offers sustainable and eco-friendly packaging for a wide range of food applications. GO-GREEN food packaging solutions include: Microwaveable Rigid Trays for seafood and fresh produce applications, Printed and Non-printed Trays for High Barrier Packaging (MAP) and extended shelf life for ready meals, meat, poultry and fish, Dual Ovenable Bio-compostable trays from Sugar Cane and CPET trays for meals on wheels, fresh produce, APET made from post consumer recycled materials, Freshwave Steam Lidding film and other Lidding Films. For an overview of green food packaging click here.