CPET- Dual Ovenable Trays for use in Microwave and Oven


  • Dual Ovenable.
  • Easy to seal, affordable, complete system.
  • Peelable film is easy to open. No need to remove film prior to heating.
  • Leak-proof, clear seals let you see what's being serve.
  • Upscale china-like appearance.
  • Recyclable.
  • Minimum order - 1 case.


  • Manual Heat Sealer -space saving design seals 15-20 meals per minute. Easy to use, easy to own, easy to maintain.
  • Lidding Film -Strong, self-venting, peelable film can be used in both conventional and microwave ovens.
  • Use them all or individually

Heating Instructions

CPET dual-ovenable trays have a wide temperature range from -40F to +400F. Do not use under broiler or in toaster oven. Available in black and white. When using trays in conventional oven, always place trays on a cookie sheet. Trays should be removed from the oven on the cookie sheet.

Home Meal Replacement

Seal-N-Serve is a complete sealing system, including manual heat sealers, film and trays. It is excellent for small enterprises, test markets and central commissaries serving Meals on Wheels programs.

  • Manual Heat Sealer
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