Custom Tray Design

CPT is your partner in new packaging development. After a joint product and market analysis and review, CPT presents a comprehensive packaging strategy that assists to identify equipment, lidding and tray requirements.



Custom Colors

CPT offers custom colors subject to minimum order quantities.




CPT utilizes cutting-edge technologies to provide prototype samples throughout the design and development process. We work to determine sampling expectations from the beginning of the process to guarantee that the appropriate tooling and sampling methods are implemented.

Moving the tray on its 3D access
To move the tray, place your mouse over the tray, click and hold down your mouse button, and the simply move your mouse. A right click will move its position.
On a laptop the  trackpad will give you full control for size as well as movement.


Register Printing

Reduce “Over Packaging” with registered pre-printed trays and lidding.

Produce differentiation through brand recognition.

Generate significant savings with pre-printed readable texts