Why is “Go-Green” Green?

GO-GREEN rigid polypropylene trays, cups and containers are manufactured using an innovative proprietary manufacturing process that significantly reduces scrap and therefore results in over 20% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional thermoforming processes (as measured by the Warm-Waste Reduction Model sponsored by www.epa.gov.



Scrap Reduction Comparison

Go-Green rigid PP trays are produced with an innovative proprietary process that uses less plastic during manufacturing, resulting in a 28% lower carbon footprint compared to conventional thermoforming.

GO GREEN microwaveable packaging is available for high barrier, frozen and breathable applications.

GO-GREEN Printed – eliminates the use of boxes, sleeves and labels resulting in significant source reduction.


Competitor’s Scrap


Our Scrap

Go Green Strategies and Products

Go Green is committed to provide functional packaging with the lowest carbon footprint possible:

  • Lightweight products and practice source reduction with reduced scrap.
  • Eliminate excess packaging and unneeded features.
  • Reduce Cube Size and save on transportation and warehousing.


Go Green Source Reduction

Polyproyplen Resin Emisson Comparisons



Zazin 03160


Standard 03160

(Each Stack has 45 Trays)