GO-GREEN PP (Polypropylene) & High Barrier PP Trays


  • Innovative process utilizes 30% less energy and less material which has been audited by the utility Alliant Energy of Wisconsin.

  • Reduce carbon footprint by using less petroleum based products and energy.

  • Number 5 Recycling Logo – microwaveable, high barrier, cups and containers.


  • Stock Sizes- range of trays in different depths and compartments
  • Custom Sizes – available
  • Materials: PP and PP with EVOH coextrusion (copolymer and homopolymer)
  • Applications: Fresh Produce, Seafood, Frozen Ready Meals
  • Colors – clear, black and white; custom colors available with minimum order
  • High Pressure Pasteurization, Retort, and foamed PP trays available with special order


GO-GREEN Printed Trays


Reduce “Over Packaging” with registered pre-printed trays and lidding.

Produce differentiation through brand recognition.

Generate significant savings with pre-printed readable texts:

  • Eliminate boxes, sleeves and labels
  • Decoration and information can be directly printed to tray surface
  • GO-GREEN proprietary manufacturing process results in over 30% savings in materials & energy
  • Tamper proof printing cannot be destroyed or absorb moisture
  • Eliminate bottom labels by pre-print on bottom of tray
  • Bottom scannable pre-printed bar codes- A unique solution to an age old problem
  • Effective “Billboard Presentation” without over packaging
  • Utilize power of design for brand recognition
  • Billboard Pizzazz
  • Shelf Velocity
  • Superior product presentation will jump off the shelf


  • Printing – custom 6 color digital offset printing
  • Sizes – stock and custom sizes (see stock list )
  • Color – white trays

go green packagingBrochures

Go Green Printed

CPET- Dual Ovenable Trays for use in Microwave and Oven


  • Dual Ovenable
  • Easy to seal, affordable, complete system
  • Peelable film is easy to open. No need to remove film prior to heating

  • Leak-proof, clear seals let you see what’s being serve
  • Upscale, china-like appearance
  • Recyclable
  • Minimum order – 1 case


  • Manual Heat Sealer -space saving design seals 15-20 meals per minute. Easy to use, easy to own, easy to maintain
  • Lidding Film -Strong, self-venting, peelable film can be used in both conventional and microwave ovens

Heating Instructions

CPET dual-ovenable trays have a wide temperature range from -40°F to +400°F. Do not use under broiler or in toaster oven. Available in black and white. When using trays in conventional oven, always place trays on a cookie sheet. Trays should be removed from the oven on the cookie sheet.
Seal-N-Serve is a complete sealing system, including manual heat sealers, film and trays. It is excellent for small enterprises, test markets and central commissaries serving Meals on Wheels programs.

  • Manual Heat Sealer
  • Stock Tray List

go green packagingStock Tray List





GO-GREEN APET & APET High Barrier Trays



Product Characteristics

  • Manufactured using 50% post consumer recycled PET
  • Excellent transparency and high gloss
  • Recyclable
  • Non toxic – Good alternatives to PVC
  • Easy for FFS applications
  • Range of stock trays
  • Multiple colors and custom trays available

Lidding Films


GO-GREEN offers a complete range of lidding films that are engineered to work with the full spectrum of tray materials and for a complete range of applications. Optional printing is available in both flexo and roto gravure.


  • Fresh Wave Lidding Films- unique steam film.
  • Breathable OTR Specific Lidding Films – Fresh Produce and Seafood.
  • High Barrier Lidding Films – Ready Meals, Case Ready, High Pressure Pasteurization.
  • Lidding films with up to 11 layers for MAP have both easy peel and weld seal capabilities to PE, PP, PS, PE, Aluminum, CPET and PVC.

Lidding Summary Guide

LiddingGaugeBarrierAnti FogSealingMax use*Min. use*Substrate
HB HT 25(pdf)1High Barrierxx120-1501850weld     
HB 35(pdf)1.4High Barrierxx100-1802080weldEP    
HB 60(pdf) 2.4High Barrierxx100-1802080weldEP    
HB 80(pdf)3.2High Barrierxx100-1802080weldEP    
L 60(pdf)2.4Low Barrier 100-1802030weldEP    
Breathable L 60**2.4Breathable 100-1801850weldEP    
HB EP- A 62(pdf)2.5High Barrierx110-1901940EP     
HB EP-C 60(pdf)2.4High Barrier 140-2002570weldEPEPEP EP
EP-C 42 (pdf)1.7Low Barrier 140-2002570weldEPEPEP EP
L-PET 32(pdf)1.3Medium Barrier       weld  
HB AL 50(pdf)2High Barrier 180-210      Hard peel 
L PP 42(pdf)1.7Low Barrierxx
2120 weld    
Breathable L PP 42**1.7Breathablexx
2120 weld    
HB L PP 60(pdf)2.4High Barrierxx
2120 weld    
FreshWave Steam Non-Barrier(Microwave Only)
1.5 - 2.0Breathable** 100- 1803000 weld    
FreshWave Steam Airtight (Microwave Only)2.8 - 3.1Barrier 150-2103000 weld    

NOTE: Each application to be checked by customer.
*Maximum and minimum post treatment temperature or hot fill of package.
**Breathable OTR Specific films – contact your Go Green Sales Representative to define breathable target
rates and to order test film. Indicative OTR rates for High Barrier – 1 – 3 cc / m2 / day and Low Barrier -
100 cc / m2 / day(dry and 23°C). See link to data sheet for actual values.
Weld – Locked seal to tray EP – Peelable Seal- (Harder Peel Strength can be sometimes achieved depending
on sealing temp and dwell times.)