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Zazin – Nesting Trays

Unique beveled sidewall design for functional performance without stack shoulders:

  • Significant freight savings – maximize the weight on a truck by reducing shipment of air:

– Example: 03120 – Conventional trays – 205,920 trays fit into a truckload
– Zazin 03120 – Nesting Trays – 544,320 trays fit into a truckload
– Over 260% more trays fit into a truckload

  • Significant reduction in warehouse space
  • Can be registered printed
  • Ask your CPT sales rep for information about Greenester – High speed denesting equipment designed for trays without stack shoulders

Zazin Number 1 series

Zazin Number 3 Series

Zazin Third Steams

Zazin Family Pack Series


Flex Flange

Benefits of Flex Flange Trays include:

  • Polypropylene
  • Designed for exceptional runability to withstand the rigors of automated packaging operations and does not break the film.
  • Eliminate residual oxygen levels that foam trays can pass into a barrier overwrap application.
  • Straight sidewall design results in larger space on bottom of tray that fits more protein for an esthetic package with maximized cube space.


Register Printing

Reduce “Over Packaging” with registered pre-printed trays and lidding.

Produce differentiation through brand recognition.

Generate significant savings with pre-printed readable texts

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Vacuum and MAP Pouches Meat, Cheese, Fish and other Oxidation-Sensitive products

Barrier vacuum pouches from CPT feature excellent mechanical, impact and seal strength and are available in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and barrier levels.  Our  large vacuum pouches are used in vacuum and MAP applications for food service and retail industries and are especially designed for trouble-free operation with all types of vacuum pouch and MAP machines. Made of recyclable materials, our vacuum pouches are an environmentally friendly food packaging solution.

  • Excellent mechanical properties at low thickness. Cost efficiency vacuum pouches for food packaging
  • Symmetrical – “no curl” vacuum pouches Ease of handling, lap (in/out) sealing possible.
  • Wide range of thicknesses and gas transmission levels. Strength tailored to demands of the food package, optimal shelf-life for each product.
  • Excellent seal properties, high hot tack, sealing through wrinkles. Faster throughput, less leakers, more profits.
  • Microwavable vacuum pouches, with grades suitable for boiling. End-user convenience by way of cook-in feature.
  • Easy peel option End-user convenience



CPT offers a full range of custom extruded Polyproplylene for food , industrial and medical packaging applications. CPT provides coextruded structures with PP or PE sealant layersincluding:

  • High Barrier (with EVOH) for extended shelflife
  • Copolymer for freezer applications
  • High Clarity for applications that clarity is essential
  • Homopolymer for best performance for high fat and sugar products in microwave

Custom colors available, including 2 color coextruded rollstock


General  Data



Maximum Web Width 1524mm 60″
Thickness Range 0.5-1.8mm .020″ – .070″
Max. Roll Diameter 1150mm 43″
Core inside Diameter 6″ 6″


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